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Master's in Cognitive Neuroscience

Miscellaneous links

Internet is big, fascinating and sometimes dark place. But it is really interesting way to connect with people and read different ideas. Here I'm just listing the links that I found to be interesting over the years.

>    Gwern Branwen  a super-amazing anonymous writer about psychology, statistics and technology. Also an independent researcher. Writes about niche topics.

>    Maker's v/s Manager's schedule   and   Why developers like to code at night?

>    What it takes to stay? Nothing !!!   by Shagufta Khan

>    What every computer scientist should know about floating-point arithmetic   by Oracle

>    Why it is a bad idea to post your 'boarding pass' on social media stories ? Aussie PM hacked

>    Tips to take back your privacy  from big 5 tech giants {Amazon, Apple, Alphabet(Google), Facebook and Microsoft}

Some static web-pages

Most of them are created for fun and to explore the web-dev process. Some portals like e-Theses really took time and might be useful.

>    Amantrayate - farewell invite

>    CCT eThOS: e-Theses Online Service

>    Growth@CCT: Presentation Registrations

>    Tower of Hanoi (by Nitesh_NCBS)

>    Emotion Lateralization Exp.: Participants

>    self:,,

>    Static web-based CV- HTML/ CSS

>    CNS, IISc online experiments - Consent + Voucher

Some videos

Some youtube videos, just to have a food for thought.

>    Stand-up maths - Matt Parker

>    Success - Luck vs HardWork

Reading goodies (food for thought)

>    Less-Wrong - community blog

Please ping me if you have something interesting too, I would love to hear on:

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